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Whilst our 2020 Peninsular and Waterloo scheduled tour programme has fallen victim to Covid, we're busy planning and enhancing our future offerings.

We've had a good Covid, from the perspective of caring for our clients and refunding them promptly. Which at the end of the day is all that matters to me. If you'd like to see how we've made light of this challenge please visit our News & CovidNews page.

I'll soon be launching the full 2021 programme in the hope that we can make it happen. We'll be building an "expressions of interest list". When we can finally cost the journeys the first on the list will have first option to grab a place on tour.

In May we'll be following the Rifles in Portugal and then Wellington across Spain. I'll be particularly excited to share my favourite spot, Barba del Puerco gorge, on the Portugal tour descending from the 95th Rifles perspective, whilst on the Spanish tour we'll descend from the French positions.

In June our great Waterloo Anniversary covers more ground than ever, with an extensive examination of the full campaign full of new freshly uncovered material.

For July we reach across the Pyrenees covering the dramatic 1813-14 Peninsular campaigns and some truly exceptional scenery and gastronomy.

Of course we also do bespoke trips, and for 2021 these already include "Women at Waterloo" and "Mercer's Bruges, Ghent, Waterloo Campaign & the Occupation of Paris".

As ever all our tours are full of deep history, genuine cutting-edge historical analysis, fresh insights, exclusive locations, thoughtful itineraries and great experiences.

At the end of the 2019 touring season I made myself busy travelling, driving from Waterloo to Lisbon and back, uncovering even more unique locations, insights and fresh hotels, restaurants and vineyards for us to enjoy. This frequent touring yields intimate and expert knowledge of the landscapes to share with you on tour.

One of the joys of sharing a common interest is the friendships we build, and our 2021 tours will be further boosted by the attendance of a number of our Contributing Experts. Our Rifles in Portugal tour is joined by both Rob Griffith and Bob Burnham, whilst Andrew Field joins us at Waterloo for plentiful French Perspective. I'm delighted to welcome them, and I'm sure you'll enjoy their great company too.

If the march of Covid keeps us apart in 2021, we'll take it on the chin and simply roll the tours into 2022, for which we also have a few other special new tours in planning!

If full details of the tours aren't yet released please do contact us - you might even influence our scheduled tour dates and itinerary with your special interests!

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Robert Pocock, Founder - Director - Guide

Image: Hougoumont, Waterloo 1815, Nov'18

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