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Peninsular War Spain Campaign Tours

Vast plains, great rivers, huge mountains & gorges, great sieges, tragic battles, Roman bridges, historic cities, glorious vineyards, hidden Iberia revealed!

Waterloo 1815 Battlefield & Campaign Tours

If you've been before, but don't recognise many of these places and views, well thats because we genuinely take you to the special places other tours don't reach!

Peninsular War Portugal Campaign Tours

Ancient sites, vivid landscapes, battlefields, unspoilt fortifications, vineyards & Port.

Nelson & Wellington Copenhagen Tour

Original fortifications, Palaces, British Royal connections, Nelson & Wellington, gunpowder manufacturing, with beauty, history & culture all-around.

Dunkirk, Flanders & Wider Campaigns 1346-1945 Tour

A romp through eras from Crécy 1346, Agincourt 1415, through Napoleon to the Somme, Ypres, Dunkirk & Bruges