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Forefather of the Guild of Battlefield Guides

Graeme Cooper is, in many ways, our inspiration!

It is he who enthused in us the 'bug' of battlefield guiding; reading the terrain, painting a picture of a battlefield in words, bringing to life the ebb and flow into an inspiring whole.

Graeme has been at the forefront of battlefield guiding standards since 1995. Through Coopers Waterloo Tours he built a strong following for his Napoleonic Tours, particularly to Waterloo and the Peninsular War with his commitment to entertain and inform.

It was Graeme's concept and drive that led to the creation of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides in 2003, promoting professionalism and quality validation in the industry. His own early inspiration came from renowned Sandhurst historians and authors, Professor Richard Holmes and Dr David Chandler. Graeme is now a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society in his own right.

For the past decade Graeme has been leading Corporate Battlefields, delivering leadership and decision-making training to many leading global brands.

Graeme continues to influence how we share with our tour guests an enjoyment and interpretation that delivers so much more than just books and maps alone can offer. Besides his unstinting encouragement, guidance and positivity in all that we do, we're proud to call him a true friend.

Our Campaigns & Culture guided tours have, at their foundation, the spirit and care exemplified by the approach that Graeme brought to guiding. We continue to build and develop on those core standards to deliver truly outstanding tours to our tour guests.

If you'd like to know more about Graeme's Corporate Battlefields Ltd, developing business people through battlefield insight then please click below:

Graeme Cooper