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2019 TOURS

Waterloo, Peninsular, Copenhagen, Bespoke Tailor-Made & more

You can influence our 2019 Small Group Tours right now by contacting us early, sharing your preferred dates and special interests, so you can join a group tour perfectly formed for you.

If you'd prefer to bring just your own group of friends on a guided vacation then we're always open for enquiries on our Bespoke Tailor-Made tours.


Roman, Medieval & Onwards

Our early tours are themed around a variety of very different aspects of the Napoleonic wars because of the particular expertise of founders Gareth Glover and Robert Pocock. We pride ourselves on the originality of our itineraries, visiting places rarely ever seen on other military and cultural tours.

Whether it is the beauty of Copenhagen, the vineyards of the Douro or the footsteps of Captain Alexander Cavalié Mercer through Belgium which attracts you most, we can guarantee you an enthralling, informative and hugely enjoyable time.

Some of our tours are just the start of a journey, with Wellington in Portugal set to be followed by tours pursuing his actions across the wonderful vistas of Spain and on into France.

We are also proud to enjoy the services of specialist guides, including experts in Roman and Medieval history through to WW2.

Watch out for our exciting new tours all over Europe, covering a huge variety of history, original and unique to us. Make sure you keep up to date with our future plans by joining our News Club for the first word and to grab our Early-Bird discounts.