I’ve been busy!

The bare-bones look of the website is down to a few things. But the future is heading towards us ever faster and it won’t be long before a new bright shiny website crammed full of Napoleonic touring adventures and explorer intrigue appears.

Our standards, as those who have travelled with us already know, are the highest. We won’t compromise, and the last few years or regulatory over-reach have compromised our ability to run effective tours with certainty. With an overwhelmingly international client base we take our responsibilities very seriously.  

Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. From 15th November, Spain drops its vaccine booster or test entry regulations. To many they may seem reassuring, but they make planning with absolute certainty quite impossible given the threat of false-positive tests just before travel. Now we just need France to relent on its similar rule … and genuinely life can return to normal. Hoorah!

I have plans for a visit to my beloved Waterloo before Christmas, if I can cross the English Channel to France and beyond, meeting up with continental historians and friends, with some excitingly fresh research mapped out to do on the battlefield of Ligny, whilst praying for clear blue skies. And Brussels, Bruges and Ghent with more local friends in the run-up to Christmas is special indeed.

Nothing beats standing on the ground where momentous events happened all those years ago, breathing the air, gazing across the now peaceful, inspiring, wonderful landscapes, all mixed with great hotels, food, wine, culture and bonhomie.

Before that I hope to have the website up and full of touring opportunities and ideas for 2023. Portugal, Spain, the Pyrennees and Waterloo will all feature from May 2023, continuing across the Summer months. I can’t wait!

Please do get in touch if you’d like to join our ‘interested’ list, particularly if you have specific interests that you’d like to fulfil on tour, which we can discuss and our very small group and individual tours can readily accommodate.

My very best wishes to tour guests old and new,

Robert Pocock, Autumn 2022

Founder – Director – Guide