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Focused solely on the Napoleonic era and the locations where we can offer world-leading knowledge, interpretation and deep understanding to share with our tour guests.


Deep research & experience driven by decades of repeated exploration of the campaign routes, major battlefields and seeking out lesser known sites and vistas.

We know our way around!


Itineraries reflecting the adventures we've had putting them together, from our original archival research, on-location knowledge, reading, analysing, debating and sharing with friends.


Sharing our love of landscape, culture, good taste in food & wine, quality experiences, thrilling everyone from military experts to enthusiasts and novices, travelling as we would wish to on our holidays.

Not the Biggest, but the Best

Since Robert first started exploring the Peninsular & Waterloo battlefields and campaign routes he has been inspired to transform the touring experience: Offering deeper intriguing history, more locations, shorter drives, a relaxing pace, whilst massively upping the quality ... in short, the type of holiday we like to enjoy ourselves!

No big groups or coaches, no massive daily drives, no so-so hotels, no limited menus, no pretence of 'doing' a battlefield having only scratched the surface. Just highly personalised experiences delivered with an exceptional understanding of each location, sharing unique viewpoints discovered from detailed research and repeated visits, pushing boundaries whilst enjoying the very best comforts.

The very finest Historical Napoleonic Battlefield, Campaign & Cultural tours. All our small-group tours are led by Campaigns & Culture's founder Robert Pocock, and are often joined by one of our relevant Contributing Experts.


Who We Are

Robert Pocock

Founder Owner Director Explorer Guide

Graeme Cooper

Our Original Inspiration & Tour Pioneer

Bob Burnham

Napoleonic Author

Contributing Expert

Andrew Field

The French Perspective

Contributing Expert

Rob Griffith

Peninsular War Author

Contributing Expert

Pierre de Wit

Waterloo Extraordinaire

Contributing Expert

Meet our Adventurer-in-Chief, Robert Pocock

Robert's extensive and repeated research visits to Napoleonic battlefields, from Wellington's Peninsular War to the Waterloo Campaign reflect his love of testing history and uncovering fresh angles to share. Using old maps, conflicting memoirs, local knowledge, an appreciation of topography and the very latest thinking he aims to get as close to the incredible truth as we can.

This original approach informs the deepest knowledge and appreciation of the places we visit. Challenging and re-interpreting the accepted wisdom of the history books is his mission, bringing to life soldiers' lives, the hidden tracks and places that have somehow been missed from the history books. Believing that you never stop learning, he truly knows the ground that he takes you over, in all seasons and from all perspectives, having visited some of our battlefields over 50 times!

Alive to how the personal stories of those who were there enliven our appreciation of history, Robert is also the acknowledged authority on the life of Captain Cavalié Mercer of G Troop RHA fame at Waterloo, the most famous junior officer at Waterloo, and led the restoration of his grave in 2015 for the 200th anniversary.

For many years now he has shared his history, geography, architecture and bon viveur style on tour, after decades of enthusiastic exploration whilst pursuing a career as entrepreneur, adviser, mentor and director to countless businesses, locally, regionally and internationally. His fascination with the history, evolution and protection of battlefields is reflected in many articles for the Waterloo Association. Robert is a member of the Waterloo Committee of Belgium and the Friends of the British Cemetery Elvas.

Leading every tour, Robert's journeys are enriched through the exchange of knowledge with our merry band of Contributing Experts, all highly regarded authors who are glad to seek, share, reappraise, respect and treasure knowledge. They often join us on research trips and tours, willingly sharing their latest findings and adding their own special zest to the experience.

I hope you can join us!

Remarkable History in Remarkable Landscapes

No rush, we take time to share, explore, enjoy and absorb.

The rising breeze atop a ridge, the shelter of the valley,

The embracing warmth of the plain, the cool of a wall,

Tumultuous sounds as water crashes through the gorge,

The soaring of eagles above, and in the mountains below us,

The stirring scent of herbs underfoot, the riotous colour of flora,

The burst of juice from the vineyard at the end of the day.


Our Mission & Vision

Campaigns in Context

Beyond the famous battlefields with their most visited locations are the best bits, the least visited, often virtually unknown spots, the wider campaign and smaller actions, adding great colour and depth to all our journeys together. Then we add the people, their history and the context that influenced the events we share.

Bringing History & Landscape to Life

History told well, where it happened, can be truly inspirational, bringing now peaceful and beautiful landscapes to life. We also visit many other sites and sights to share the very best that each region has to offer, taking time to pause, reflect, enjoy and be inspired. More vistas, more viewpoints, away from the hotspots.

Hospitality par Excellence

Your comfort and enjoyment is paramount. We seek out top historic hotels and restaurants to share the unique atmosphere of each cultural centre. We include a great breakfast, light lunch and a full dinner each day, preferring à la carte - no fixed or limited menus!

Small Groups, All-Inclusive

We believe in small groups. We can visit more sites, reach more intriguing places, spend more time at each location, pick the best hotel rooms and restaurants, spending time responding to your individual preferences and interests. Quality is paramount.


Our Sources

We have HUGE personal collections of books, maps, pamphlets and documents from Napoleonic archives. Extensive study means we can spot what is really great original thought, what is produced just for commercial reasons and what is just plain wrong.

Over the years we have developed a go-to list of our favourite books and authors, and you can find a selection of these on our Research page.

An extensive selection of specialist Napoleonic books is also available direct from Ken Trotman publishers, who are both dedicated publishers and online retailers.

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Remarkable History in Remarkable Landscapes

No rush, we take the time to share, explore, enjoy and absorb.