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Movie Review of Ridley Scott's 'Napoleon'

Robert Pocock

Founder, Owner, Director, Guide

So many disparaging words have been written by historians, even before many had seen the film, that adding our views may come as a breath of fresh air. We'll do our best.

PDF, 5 pages

The True Tactical Significance of the Château of Hougoumont during the Battle of Waterloo

Andrew Field,

Campaigns & Culture's Contributing Expert

Some wonderful analysis here, doing what we love - taking no written history for granted.

Equipped with a questioning mind, a rich compendium of sources of all nationalities, with a professional military mindset, this is a superb re-appraisal of what history has told us about Hougoumont.

PDF, 16 pages

Accounts of the French Invasion of Portugal, 1807

Robert Griffith

Campaigns & Culture's Contributing Expert

It's a crime that research like this can't always make it into books, as it offers a stunning appreciation of the people, places and experience of the Napoleonic era.

We share Rob's fascination with the lesser known, under-researched places, and admire the depth of his original research. We just had to share this.

PDF, 8 pages