Quality Standards








Historic Hotels, Top Meals, Superior Comforts

We only use carefully selected, personally tried and tested top quality 4* & 5* hotels, offering the best in each location, often former monasteries, palaces and fortresses. We like to specify superior rooms for the best space, views and facilities to match our exacting standards. All with a great breakfast.

We often use a number of hotels along the route to carefully minimise travel times each day. Dinner is informal, always with the full choice of à la carte & great wine, the restaurants chosen to offer you the best experience.

We've chosen what we believe to be the very best, yet our Bespoke tailor-made tours open up other choices to suit personal preferences and budget.

Experienced, Accomplished & Approachable

All our tours are led by Robert, our founder. He's spent decades following Napoleon & Wellington, making multiple repeated visits to all of the locations on tour, the places we stay and the people we meet. He's at the top of his game and with you throughout the tour. You're in expert hands.

We discuss historical research with our Contributing Experts. These friends share our passion and deepen the quality of what we share, often joining our tours. Fresh interpretations, unique sites, unparalleled stories.

Deeply respected for our ability to enthuse and to challenge accepted history, all shared in a conversational style. Oh, and culinary appreciation come naturally!

Comprehensive, Comfortable, Off-Piste

We share genuinely unique knowledge and interpretation on our tours, greatly adding to what you can find in the history books. We're known for our fresh thinking, having walked the terrain on countless visits, studied old maps, dusty archives and discovered new perspectives.

Our all-inclusive itineraries offer unmatched content, depth, quality & variety to transform your touring experience. We use premium transport, following routes and visiting places that larger tours simply can't reach.

We add treats along the way, from vineyard visits, wine tastings and special surprises to make your journey with us truly memorable.

Life's Pleasures

All of the regions we journey through offer a cornucopia of food and drink experiences based on quality of ingredients, care in preparation and pride in service. Our restaurant choices reflect the very best we have found in each location, blending international standards with a local twist.

Our Peninsular War tours all include winery and vineyard visits and tastings. We serve great wine at dinner, guided by your preferences, whilst in Belgium beer is king so we happily serve that if you prefer.

Throughout your journey with us we remember that we're not on a route-march, it's your holiday, and we treat our tour guests accordingly.

The Values that Drive Us

Sharing our excitement, taking time at each location, whilst sharing otherwise undiscovered secrets, we aim to:

  • Be fun; creating great memories for all the right reasons.
  • Be honest; treating all tour guests the way we'd like to be treated.
  • Be humble; there is always more to learn.
  • Be inspiring; we'd love you to return for more.
  • Be kind; it's infectious.
  • Be professional; integrity in everything we say and do.
  • Be safe; you are in our care.
  • Be uncomplicated; it's your holiday after all.
  • Go the extra mile; it's the only way!
  • ... and we look forward to welcoming you back again and again.

Remarkable History in Remarkable Landscapes

No rush, we take time to share, explore, enjoy and absorb.