Our tour guests rate us "OUTSTANDING". Here are some of the reasons why ...


We use carefully selected 4* quality hotels offering the best facilities in each location (occasionally 5* or superior rooms in top 3* hotels), personally tried and tested to ensure they match our exacting standards.

Our Campaign Tours may use a number of hotels along the route, adding to the variety of your experience whilst minimising the need for extended travel times each day.

Whilst we believe we've chosen the best, our Bespoke Tailor-Made Tours open up other choices to best suit your preferences and budget.

      OUR TOURS      

*Hotel styles can vary by country and location. Check the Tour Itinerary for details.


Our renowned guides are at the top of their game, and with you throughout the tour. Each is deeply respected for their knowledge, ability to enthuse and challenge accepted history. A conversational style, cultural and culinary appreciation come naturally!

We don't just repeat history, we share our personal discoveries that you won't find in any of the history books!

We frequently discuss the latest research with our Contributing Experts, who share our passion and deepen the quality of knowledge shared with you, ensuring our consistently high standards.

      OUR GUIDES      

*Check the Tour Itinerary to see which guides are leading your tour.


We share unique knowledge and interpretation on our tours, greatly adding to what you can find the history books! We've done fresh research, walked the terrain on countless visits, studied old maps, taken new perspectives and developed unique experiences.

Our all-inclusive itineraries offer unmatched content, depth, quality & variety to transform your appreciation and enjoyment on tour. We use premium transport, visiting places that larger tours simply can't reach.

Many of our tours offer extra accommodation nights to extend your stay to make the most of the country and its culture.

      OUR TOURS      

*Check the Tour Itinerary for full All-Inclusive details and options.


What we Include

We give you the freedom and flexibility of how and when you get to our tour start point, using the most convenient trains or flights. You may choose to arrive early or stay on for a few days after the tour. We can help and advise as you wish, but these elements are not included in your tour price.

What we do include is virtually everything else. We cover the cost of your hotel rooms (always minimum 4*), your transport in premium vehicles, breakfast, light lunches and evening meals with wine or beer, museum entry passes, tasting sessions, visits, treats and guides throughout.

You will simply be responsible for any extra drinks or hotel services you order, your personal insurance and any non-itinerary purchases you make.

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