They rate us "Outstanding"


"An outstanding, detailed study of the events leading up to and the ultimate Battle of Waterloo. Delightful, extremely knowledgeable guides. I had read much on the Battle of Waterloo. I was one of the re-enactors on the field for the 2015 bicentenary. But I did not really feel that I could look at the terrain and know Waterloo. This amazing trip settled that! I enjoyed every minute of unique access to incredible history and the delightful company of these gentlemen! "

TF, Canada

"In Robert I have seldom met someone with so much passion for their subject; never stop!"

DG South Africa

"Our tour was superbly organised and led. The depth of knowledge and spirit of adventure led us to a deep understanding of the campaign, bringing to life the battlefields in really fascinating detail! I was thrilled! Recommended to anyone who wishes to combine historical accuracy, fun, local knowledge and good meals!"

RH, United Kingdom

"The engaging presentational style ensures everyone receives a warm welcome. It brings the battle to life with excellent knowledge of events, plenty of anecdotes and personal accounts to ‘paint pictures’ of the action. The familiarity with the topography will delight novices, intermediate and experts alike. Highly recommended."

DM, United Kingdom

"To actually walk the battlefield site with a genuine expert was something very special. The enthusiasm is compelling and infectious. But what was really interesting were all the many little stories; a real knack of not just telling the story of the battle but illuminating it in such a way that it became alive!"

RN, United Kingdom

"Our second trip. What makes Campaigns & Culture so appealing is the expertise, enthusiasm and ability to convey that expertise in an interesting way. You also kept us very well fed!"

JH, United Kingdom

"Robert and Gareth were terrific tour guides and hosts, leaving no question unanswered. Their passion and knowledge for the subject were remarkable. It was a sheer pleasure being on this tour. The information supplied was premier in quality. Robert proved to be the consummate Wine connoisseur. "

BV, United States

"For me the walking on the battlefield was the main aim to get a full appreciation of what happened and how things developed. The Grouchy game is an excellent way of highlighting the difficulties of command and making you reassess command and control across the whole period. The weapons and VR were the icing on the cake, unexpected but very powerful. Excellent, it is hard to see how the tour could have been any better. It was everything that I hoped it would be. I fear you may have spoilt my expectations if/when I do another battlefield tour with another group. You set the bar very high."

AG, Australia

"My wife will happily do more holidays with a military theme as long as it is with you."

JH, United Kingdom

"Thank you for the great time we had touring with you. Our days were extremely well organised and we really enjoyed your company. You handled our different knowledge of the event very well and we appreciated your engaging commentaries and the way you interacted with us rather than just lecturing. My understanding of the whole campaign was greatly increased and walking the battlefield brought everything vividly to life."

AP, United Kingdom

"Campaigns & Culture delivered a superb combination of a military tour on an obscure topic with time to explore other historical sites at a leisurely pace. Limiting the people on the tour to a small group allowed for personal attention by the guides and great group dynamics! It was everything I had come to expect from company."

BB, United States

"We recognised an expert from the moment we met Robert. It was great to view the battlefields from so many 'off the beaten track' viewpoints at the best time of year. The private visits felt very special, and we loved the all-inclusive arrangements and choice of meals each day. Your company was most enjoyable, your knowledge terrific and outstanding. Don't do anything differently."

JS, United Kingdom

"Although I have studied the British Foot Guards in the Waterloo Campaign quite extensively, the three days I spent walking the battlefields has given me a greater appreciation for what they accomplished. It used to be said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A corollary of this might be, no description of a battlefield can ever substitute for walking the terrain. I cannot say enough about my Campaigns & Culture tour of Waterloo. It was everything that they promised and more! They have set the standard for Waterloo Tours!"

Robert Burnham, Editor-in-Chief, The Napoleon Series, United States


Actor Richard Heffer starred as Cavalié Mercer commanding G Troop RHA in the 1969/70 Film Epic "Waterloo"


Actor Richard Heffer introduces his 1969 film role in

Waterloo and his experience of a recent tour


Actor Richard Heffer describes his enjoyment of our

expert guided tour of the Waterloo Battlefield


Waterloo actor Richard Heffer describes the pleasures

and benefits of journeying with Campaigns & Culture


Actor Richard Heffer relates more on his Bespoke

Campaign Tour and his plans to advance on Paris!


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